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5 Electric Scooter Safety Tips to Avoid Crashes & Injuries

Electric scooters have risen considerably in popularity and have become a convenient, fun, and affordable way to travel for seniors. However, certain safety tips must be kept in mind to avoid crashes and injuries.

Here, we offer 5 electric scooter safety tips that’ll help you avoid crashes and injuries.

1. Be Conscious Of Barriers

This goes without saying but never overlook barriers and defects like crevices, bumps, and potholes. These barriers are one of the main reasons why scooter accidents take place. Don’t lose your focus, avoid the barrier carefully, and slow down or stop if necessary. But remaining calm is even more important. Decrease your speed slowly until your scooter stops.

Also, don’t forget puddles. While they might appear harmless, they can be dangerous. They may hide holes and other crevices that may lead to severe injury. If you’ll be using a scooter through wet weather, don’t speed up. If possible, avoid traveling on a scooter during wet weather.

2. Focus On Your Surroundings

Losing focus on your surroundings while riding a scooter is easy. So, keep your eyes on the road and observe your surroundings. Remember, you should never sacrifice your attention.

Look out for barriers, oncoming traffic, and pedestrians. Try not to get into an accident. Shield against infested places, follow the path of people, and comply with the rules and regulations.


3. Check The Tires

Don’t forget to check the scooter’s tires before using them. Just a quick inspection before going out on the ride can go a long way in making sure you’re secure. If you know other scooter customers, advise them to inspect their scooters’ tires as well.

Some of the things you must look out for include the tires’ outside appearance and their pressure. Regularly check when the treads aren’t worn out and, if needed, replace them.

4. Wear Standard Safety Equipment

It’s difficult to avert some accidents, even during events when you’ve taken every precaution. Therefore, when it comes to your well-being and your scooter’s safety, you can never be overprepared!

Wearing safety equipment will ensure that you and your scooter stay safe on the road. It will also make your ride stress-free.

5. Follow the rules

Most mobility scooter users ride on the road. However, this isn’t recommended as it’s very unsafe (unless there’s no footpath available). Mobility scooter users should comply with the same rules that apply to pedestrians, ride on the footpath, and cross at safe spots like pedestrian crossings.

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