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Nanrobot Scooter vs Levy Scooter – Durability, Features, and Performance

Electric scooters are now becoming a top pick vehicle, especially a Levy or Nanrobot Scooter. Nanrobot has maintained the quality of its goods while also making new enhancements to them throughout the years. The company’s mission has always been to make the most dependable, practical, and high-quality electric scooters – and they have done a decent job of it so far!

The variety of Nanrobot’s goods is partly what makes it so popular. Nanrobot, has you covered whether you’re searching for a daily commuter to your office/school or a monstrous off-roader. Their scooter types may meet a wide range of consumer wants and desires. Whereas the Levy electric scooter, which has a unique battery-swapping mechanism, provides users with a long-range, rapid peak speed, and simplicity. The riding modes assist you in making the most of the motor and battery, while safety features like LED lighting and a waterproof rating may put your mind at ease. The Levy is an excellent choice for scooters in this price range.

Nanrobot Scooter vs Levy Scooter:

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular. People flying from place to place on these slick two-wheelers may be seen all over the world. It’s no surprise they’re so popular; they’re a lot of fun to ride! However, they are more than simply a ‘fun thing.’

As the need for dependable, convenient, and environmentally responsible transportation grows, electric scooters have become one of the most popular modes of transportation, even for sports. They are the new sensational item because of everything they have to offer.

When it comes to the comparison between Nanrobot and Levy Scooter, it can be judged based on the following categories:

  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Features


The Levy’s frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, which contributes to its incredibly lightweight and strength; capable of holding little more than 8.5 times its weight. Furthermore, this model obtains Li-ion cells from a major provider in the market that manufactures parts for well-known automobile companies.

They leave no sacrifice in quality or function, with the frame absorbing several severe impacts and bumps without bending or warping. To demonstrate their belief in quality control. The Nanrobot scooters are composed of an extremely robust aluminum alloy, which makes this ride sturdy and able to withstand rough riding. If you want something lighter, the NANROBOT D4+2.5 weighs around 65 pounds and with a passenger on can accommodate up to 333 pounds.

In terms of ruggedness, this high-speed electric scooter sports six shock absorbers and ten-inch pneumatic tires. This not only provides a smooth ride on the road, but it also absorbs every single bump when off-roading. You can count on a smooth ride no matter where you use it. The design is simple, but if you are looking for something that offers lightweight, and rigidness then do for Nanrobot.


The Nanrobot scooter operates exactly as you would expect, with an excellent peak speed, a fantastic range, and plenty of power. It never falters whether you are riding on tarmac, dirt, dense foliage with twigs and pebbles, or anywhere else. The pneumatic tires are comfortable and secure.

That top speed feels wonderful, and the maximum range of 45 miles and 330 pounds are fantastic bonuses. The range should accommodate virtually everyone’s riding needs, and the 330lb load capacity implies that heavier riders may ride as well. The rear disc brakes are also quite sensitive, which is essential for emergency stops. In contrast, the Levy electric scooter has a reasonable hill climb capability for slopes of up to 10%. When facing inclines, most cyclists, especially bigger riders, may perceive a decline in performance or loss of power. Overall, we feel the ascending gradient of this model outperforms our expectations given the price.


Levy Scooter:


One of the attractions is the battery. This is where the distinctive design truly shines. It, like its predecessor, has a removable battery, this time positioned at the rear of the stem. The design is practical for a variety of reasons, and it works well in practice, in my opinion.

With both the quick-swap battery setup, you can quickly remove the battery and bring it inside to charge. This removes the need to lug the entire scooter inside only to charge it, which is a significant benefit for apartment dwellers. You may extend the range of the interchangeable battery system by purchasing a second independent battery.


Visibility is critical for traffic safety. To avoid potential fines, you’re even required by law in some regions to have suitable lights and reflectors on your electric scooter. The Levy Original features an LED headlamp and a backlight on the rear fender. It features reflective stickers on the sides to boost visibility, which is a good touch for extra safety. The reflectors will eventually lose their stickiness, but they are extremely inexpensive and simple to replace. The light configuration as a whole is insufficient to illuminate the road ahead of you in full darkness, but it is more than adequate to assure your visibility to others in traffic, which is the most essential thing.


The Levy scooter’s design team kept the portability-conscious customer in mind throughout the process. To begin, the scooter has a small pair of handlebars 16.5 inches across. Although they do not fold, they may be swiftly unscrewed if necessary, and their overall tiny size allows for convenient storage. The biggest advantage in terms of mobility comes from the previously stated removable battery. You can not only take the battery out now to carry the much lighter frame on its own, but you are able also to take simply the battery inside to charge.


It lacks spring suspension but boasts huge 10-inch tires and tire setup is another area where the Levy outperforms its competition. The majority of rivals only provide 10-inch tubed pneumatic tires. Although a solid tire compromises some attenuation of road vibrations, it is almost maintenance-free in that flats are not an issue. As a result, it is a more convenient choice for some customers.


In congested streets, responsive braking is essential. In terms of braking, the Levy Plus+ scooter has three distinct brake systems that provide a safe and enjoyable ride. The feature of this model is the rear mechanical disc brake. It is the best-performing form of brake available on an electric scooter, only being outperformed by its hydraulic equivalent.



The Nanrobot scooter is a standout electric scooter with impressive specs, making it one of the finest for off-roading. It has two strong motors that work together to create a power output of 2000 watts. The scooter’s engine power, along with its high-performance 52V 23Ah lithium-ion battery, provides a significant edge in speed and mileage, making off-roading a simple option. It offers exactly the proper amount of torque and motor power to smoothly glide across a variety of surfaces and terrains.

The scooter’s 10-inch pneumatic tires, brakes, shock absorbers, and suspension systems are built for urban commuting and off-roading. When compared to other off-roading scooters on the market, the Nanrobot D4+3.0 is a deal.


You don’t have to imagine what it’s like to have complete control over your scooter. With the Nanrobot, you have complete control from the start. The control panel of the scooter allows you to turn it on or off the power, modify the gear, and monitor speed, and driving distance all at once. All of this is easily accessible because of the scooter’s clear and bright LCD.

The pull throttle is likewise situated next to the display and may be used to adjust the speed of your car. You may also choose between Eco/single and Turbo/dual speed settings, based on your riding speed capacity or battery-saving desire.

Riding Experience:

Aside from its excellent speed and mileage, the Nanrobot scooter offers an exceptional riding experience thanks to its pneumatic tires, superior suspension system, and shock absorption system. This scooter’s five shock absorbers and shock control system provide outstanding shock absorption, ensuring smooth glide even on bumpy roads and rougher terrains.

The scooter also has an all-wheel-drive motor for simple control when on the move. The pneumatic tires and an effective double suspension system allow you to easily smash off-road terrain. The Nanrobot scooter can do it all, whether it’s traveling within the city or off-roading in rough road conditions.

Both brands offer some of the best features. Ultimately, it all comes down to which purpose you want to buy one for.

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