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Safety Tips for Using a Mobility Scooter That You Should Follow

mobility scooter is very helpful for getting around, especially outside the home. It’s great for running errands, socializing, and just being out and about, as well as moving around indoors when you’re coping with limited mobility due to age, injuries and accidents, surgery, or certain disabilities.

But it’s important to follow all necessary safety tips and protocols when using a mobility scooter, including:

Get a Consultation Before Buying a Scooter

Always consult a healthcare professional such as a doctor, a registered nurse, or a physical therapist before purchasing a mobility scooter for seniors.

That’s because there are several different types of scooters that are suited to different needs and situations, including age, weight, activity levels, and more. Motorized mobility scooters have 3 wheels; others have 4; some can be used for travel while others for shorter distances. There are a lot of factors to consider before finalizing a purchase, so you should be sure to consult a professional.

Always Stick To Sidewalks When Out and About

When you’re out and about, running errands, socializing, or just going around the town or traveling, be sure to stick to sidewalks. Sidewalks are safer to move along and safer for you to travel on, unlike the main street since they’re free from traffic and moving cars. If you need to cross the street, ensure you cross via crosswalks and pedestrian crossings.


Plan Your Travels and Excursions for Accessibility

Any time you need to travel, even if it’s an excursion through your neighborhood, it’s necessary to plan your trip. Look at the layout location and factor in everything from accessibility to space, ensuring enough space for you to move as needed. It’s far too risky to leave home without proper planning and preparation as it can lead to accidents and injuries, and that’s the last thing we want.

Avoid Loading Excess Weight Into the Scooter

It’s easy to think that your mobility scooter can act as a regular vehicle; however, you should never make that mistake. Don’t overload it with luggage, baggage, or other kinds of loads because that can increase the risk of tipping over or the vehicle malfunctioning. It’s best to ensure your scooter bears less than the maximum allowable weight.

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