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Practical Tips for New Mobility Scooter Users

Looking to get a mobility scooter? Well, you won’t be sorry.

Power motorized scooters are lifestyle-enhancing machines that can help you rediscover a sense of mobility and freedom.

But be warned, using a mobility scooter the wrong way can even cause serious injuries like falls.

To avoid these, here are some practical tips for new mobility scooter users:

1. Maintain Your Mobility Scooter

You should maintain your mobility scooter regularly – it’s very important.

Generally, the information will be listed on the manufacturer’s website, or the manufacturer will offer a maintenance guide when you buy your scooter.

Go through the maintenance requirements and comply with them as strictly as possible to ensure your scooter is in optimal operating condition.

In addition, most manufacturers have technical support that can help with issues that may emerge with your scooter.


2. Ensure You’re Seen

Your mobility scooter’s color alone may not offer enough visibility.

For instance, beautiful, bright red paint may shine during the day, but seeing it at night will be challenging. That’s why you should add reflective strips and lights to your scooter to ensure you’re seen at night.

Try to have a couple of reflective lights from each angle of the scooter. Having reflective strips and multiple lights will make you more visible and draw more attention.

3. Practice Before Going In Public

Take a test drive on your new mobility scooter. This way, you’ll learn to maneuver it in different environments and settings.

If you ride your scooter in public without testing it out first, you’ll put others in danger, and get seriously injured in the process too.

4. Ensure You’re Able To Physically Operate A Mobility Scooter

Operating a mobility scooter requires strength, good eyesight, concentration, ability to balance, and strength in your hands, just to name some capabilities.

Remember, nobody knows you better than yourself – so, before using a mobility scooter, find out whether you have the physical ability to do so.

For more information on safety tips, click here!

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